Flat Webbing Slings


All our slings are UK manufactured and Certified – For slings above 8m 5tonne, please email kelly@3ttraining.co.uk to purchase

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All our slings are UK manufactured and Certified.

Webbing slings are 100% polyester fibre and conform to BS
EN1492-1:2000 in addition to “Machinery Directive 2006/42/EEC,”
with a safety factor of 7:1.

Slings are colour coded to identify the relevant working load limit.

Webbing slings are individually labelled stating the sling number,
material, length, and date of manufacture. In addition to any relevant
safety information. The load-bearing seams are sewn with a
contrasting colour of thread to the sling, so to aid inspection


  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Colour coded for easy capacity recognition
  • Light and flexible
  • Ability to absorb shock loads
  • No damage to delicate and painted surfaces
  • Wide load bearing area
  • Twist or kink resistant
  • Unaffected by grease and oils
  • No risk of injury to operator
  • Easy to inspect
  • Low extension