PUWER 98 States that Pallet Racking must be inspected annually. This leads a majority of business owners or warehouse managers neglecting the need for somebody within the organisation having the ability to spot damaged, dangerous or inappropriate use of racking systems.

The 3T racking safety awareness course will train your nominated staff to spot problems with the racking system helping to promote a safer environment.


Racking Safety Awareness Training Course 1-day
This course is for all warehouse or storage facilities that have a racking or shelving system and require a nominated person to be responsible for racking safety.

Brief overview of the course
• Racking Construction
• Racking Components
• Consequence of Damage
• Damage Identification
• Damage reporting procedure
• Markings on Racking


Bespoke Training
These course can be designed to suit shift patterns, Production needs, Processes etc. Our experience allows us to offer relevant and practical advise on any of your training needs.

If you have any questions of Racking Safety training i.e. type or how many candidates can be trained at a time, please contact our very experienced and knowledgeable training coordinators’ for further details.